Zenapp Studio

Zenapp Studio is a software development agency specialized in Ruby on Rails, Laravel, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, React Native, Graphql, and Serverless based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Our studio has Business Analysts, UX and UI designers, Software Developers, Testers, and Project Managers using Agile Project Management.

Our Story

Prior to our software development studio, both Zenapp Studio founders, Sinal and Vannak, run their own online startups in different industries. They met each other at the first Digital Cambodia event in March 2019 and shared the same goal in technology and innovations development in Cambodia. Since then they have done web and mobile app development for clients and in 2020 started Zenapp Studio.

Sinal Meas co-founder of Zenapp Studio

Vannak Sen Co-founder of Zenapp Studio

We have years of experience in various projects such as platforms, MVP, startups, and digital transformation. However, we always carefully listen and learn from our clients and keep improving our processes in order to deliver quality services with confidence.

At Zenapp Studio, we work remotely with talented local software developers, practice agile software development, schedule weekly planning or demo sessions with our client via online or face-to-face, collaborate on popular tools such as Trello and Clickup, manage source codes on Bitbucket and Github, to deliver quality digital products and software solutions.

Our Team

Meet our team of digital dynamics passionate about working in the most ambitious software projects. Together everything is possible!

Contact us

Feel free to send us a message to discuss your project requirements and receive a quote at zenapp.studiokh@gmail.com